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HELLO! Thanks for peeking at my site.  I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and mixed-media collage artist living in Minneapolis, MN. I offer custom art, design, illustration, and creative consultation for all your hopes and dreams.  Heck, you could even ask me how to arrange your living room and I’d probably get excited about.  

My style is influenced by the old and inspired by the new. I am drawn to vintage ephemera, and old pieces that have a lived-in quality. I am energized and always seeking out new experiences, people, places, and foods. My design style is broad but I tend to lean towards illustrative, clean, and simple marks. I get jazzed about analog design, using my hands to style 3D solutions for print and digital platforms. My studio art is of the quirky, playful, and graphic nature; I’m drawn to light imagery, layering pieces with paper, acrylics, watercolor, and accenting them with hand-stitching and illustration.  Check out my ART page for more details and crazy pictures, there’s a lot, don’t get lost. And if you do, take a left at the bridge.

 I’m also a nerd for hand-lettering and I’m always experimenting with new shapes and compositions with letters, check out my 2014 Instagram project #letteringthedays.  When not creating on canvas or screen, I love any good thrift store, antique shop, or garage sale. I’m an avid runner and delight in devouring sweet books, movies, and french fries (but not while running).

I’m available for new freelance design, illustration, and art opportunities. Feel free to shoot me an email or and/emoji and let’s discuss.

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